The Sound of Brand Success


Have you ever noticed how a familiar piece of music can just transport your reality back into an experience you had in your past?

One minute you’re at your desk in a rowdy office, and then, with just the mere putting on of your headphones, you’re magically transported back into the emotion of a past memory.

Sometimes happy…sometimes sad…sometimes scary…sometimes angry.


Well, when we listen to a piece of music, it stimulates our auditory cortex and the brain converts the rhythms, melodies, and harmonies into a comprehensible whole. From there, our reaction to that music depends on how we interact with it. If you sing along in your head, you’ll activate your premotor cortex, which assists in the preparation and coordinating physical movements. Nod your head or dance along, and your neurons synchronize with the beats in the music. Focus on the lyrics and instrumentation, and you’ll activate your parietal cortex, which aids you to shift and maintain attention to various stimuli. Listen to something that triggers personal memories, and your prefrontal cortex, which upholds information relevant to your personal life and relationships, will become vivid to you.

So how does a Signature Soundbyte increase your bottom-line?

As human beings we tend to “sing the praises” of the one we love most. We apply this psychology to our Signature Soundbytes by crafting a customer experience so emotionally engaging that your customer can’t help but “sing” your brand for you. When it comes to increasing sales, referrals are the most effective. It’s much easier to make a sale when the sales process starts with an emotionally connected customer recommending your brand to a family member, friend or colleague.